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Stereotyping in the furry fandom[edit]

stereotyping is indeed very popular in the normal being's world.furries are labled as "Furfags" and "Yiff freaks". Well, though there is in fact sexuality in the furry world, a very few number of furries do this "yiff" thing people are nagging about. Another thing: Furries are indeed labled as wierd as well. This is typical- normal people just talk about politics all day. furries just want to have fun, and that's okay. Individuality is common in this world, and furries should not be pinpointed on the wierd scale. Yes, Furries are unique, but why sit around complaining about government when you can be something extrordinary?

Your Fursona[edit]

Fursonas are definitely popular among the furry fandom. A fursona is a self-created furry that represents oneself instead of a human. Fursonas are all different; I've seen cats, dogs, horses, birds, dragons, gryphons, even dolphins. To create a fursona, you need a particular animal. In my case, i'm a gryphon. Next, just add imagination! your fursona can be vibrantly colored or natural; It's up to you. I have also seen some particular furries who have reffered to themselves as "otherkin". Otherkin furries are certian furries who believe themselves to possess an animal spirit. Although most furries dress up just for pure fun and interest, Otherkin take their role quite seriously and are offended if they are called humans....