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Hello, KooKooBanana, and welcome to WikiFur! How about you get started by creating a page about yourself? Simply go to KooKooBanana (or your primary fandom name) and start typing! If you need help, please be sure to read The Furry Book of Style, and if you're still stumped, try the Help desk or contact a curator.

40x40pxEquivamp 18:53, 16 June 2011 (EDT)

Moved from your user page[edit]

Welcome; Don't know what the current issue you are having with Simpson is, but as per the webcomic date (Horndog) is being simmering until today's date. If you have a beef, don't vent your frustration on her Wikifur articles, and yes, howl to the winds, but they were malicious edits. Such behavior is not tolerated on this wiki, and consider this a friendly suggestion for future edits - Spirou 23:33, 2 January 2012 (EST)

No, they aren't malicious edits, and I don't understand how quoting other people counts as malicious unless you're trying to push an intentional bias. I have no issue with Simpson.--KooKooBanana 10:52, 3 January 2012 (EST)

Your latest Isaac M. Baranoff‎'s edit[edit]

I'm not sure how you came to view valid reference material as "Spam". Jus be more careful before deleting such data next time - Spirou 14:31, 27 December 2012 (EST)

"Opinionated conclusion" is not a valid "actual fact".[edit]

You have added "references" in the past that do not correspond to what the original statement implied. Cases in point:

  • "Shown Howell is a racism" ref/argument: "This The Guy With The Glasses new thing?" as a valid assumption of Howell being racist to be included in your article?. Two things:
    • (A) "(Is) This The Guy With The Glasses new thing?". "(Is) This"=referring to somebody, in this case The Guy With The Glasses, "new thing", as in the latest off/latest trend/latest variant. In short, a normal phrased English statement by Howell that "Is the Rap Critic the latest person doing the 'The Guy With The Glasses' schtick?". Not "New thing"="Racist insult towards a Black American person".
    • (B) And, even IF, he made a racist comment towards this third party, it would not even be considered to be controversy to you to be included in your article.
  • "Agouti Rex admits to ripping off Horndog" ref/argument:
    • By the posts in your FurAffinity, Twitter and other sites, you have been unrelenting in your own quest to prove that Agouti Rex has infringed in your art style. Agouti Rex, friends, and non-involved people, have been "amused" by these allegations, and have posted poking jabs back to you via text or art media on the intent of mollify you, or, "push your buttons". The statement "Isaac, come back, we are just about to apologize for ripping off your style!" is just another continuation of this type of dismissing "actions", not an official stated acknowledgment of wrong doing.
    • And again, not another "self concluded belief" that would even be considered to be a controversy reference to be included in your article.

And sockpuppeting is not look upon lightly, on any wiki, hence your one week block. Please do act as an impartial editor, even in your own article - Spirou 22:43, 10 January 2013 (EST)