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Welcome on my new talk page :)

Please visit my page, it contains all sorts of information about me:

Pawz, Icefumy

Image copyright[edit]

There's no permission given to use any of my art for a yiffy or non-yiffy profile.
The decision is made by the commissioner first, and then with artist (if permission was given) to know if it's valid to use it.

Under NO circumstances is it allowed to use a 'Googled' image, a 'blogged image',
or 'This image looks like a lot like my character, therefore I use it'-image as your own.

P.S: This is the general rule considering art in any form, written, drawn or other.
Using a characters specific coloring, name or similar for a fursuit of your own is considered copyright infringement, since fursuits are a art-form as well...
REMEMBER, ALWAYS ASK before you ASSUME it's ok!