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D-Tactor Dragon Rider's[edit]

The main logo

A series that had been create by DarkDragon563 . The series began to release in July 2010. The series focus more in anthro and furries character , DD563 create this stories based from his real life and his dream . This series get a lot of critique based from stories line and the quality of art. Before, the creator only draw the comic by using a paper , pen and scanner. Starting 2014, DD563 had own a tablet and the quality of the comic getting better.This series had been rate as mature work 18+.


The stories take a place where human and beast are not get along each other. Only several human and beast still live together. There had four main country such as TERA , BETA , AQUA and DELTA. Each country had leader call GAVENOR. The stories start at TERA, where Ryuzin and Dragy live. This two dragon had receive some kind weird request to steal a RIDER DISK, after they both manage to entering that target place. It was a trap and A Phantom Dragon had been release and trying to capture Ryuzin and Dragy . Phantom Dragon had bad habit based from his dark heart so, a phantom dragon will do anything so satisfied his lust and pleasure . Then Ryuzin had been capture by phantom dragon and suddenly Ryuzin turning into Phantom dragon but since when Ryuzin a Phantom Dragon? To be a phantom dragon, that phantom dragon must capture his prey and then the phantom dragon will doing some kind hugging on his prey and satisfied his lust. Ryuzin had been saved by Dragy and Dragy kick out Ryuzin from that disaster place.So, Dragy had been capture by phantom dragon. After that, Ryuzin journey is begin....


So far , there is about 5 main character that lead the stories;

Ryuzin Voltex[edit]

A blue dragon that wearing a goggle , a thieve, crazy guy who always do a mission to steal anything when people request it with some a reward. Until one day , everything was change when a mysterious guy appear to give a mission to steal a "RIDER DISK". Some accident happen and then he lost his friend. He didn't know that RIDER DISK is a device to change him into Dragon Rider.

Xavier Tetra Fang[edit]

A blue werewolf that working as police station at TERA. He really a coward wolf, scare , nerd and bookworm . His life was change when he meet Ryuzin and he feel wanna be a warrior.

Jack Hunter[edit]

A human, working the same police station with Xavier. Actually Jack is Human Rider that only pretend to be a police , he wanna help a dragon who lost memory ,10th. The detail is still no reveal yet.


A white dragon with had 'x' mark on his eyes, he is phantom and dragon rider. His stories still unclear , why he wanna find his memory?

Alex Skylight[edit]

A husky with jaw at his face. A good friend with Ryuzin, first appearance , he was covering a bandage at his face. No one notice it was him, he was a son of GENERAL LUCKY that had been kill by Human Rider. At first, he misunderstood and believe that Ray (the current general) was kill his father until he find out that Human Rider that killed his father.

Stories Arc[edit]

DD563 decide to make only 5 arc on this series, currently is second arc.

1)Tragony Thieve Arc (2010-2012)[edit]

This arc contain 25 episode .

2)The Eyes of CyberBairus (2012-now)[edit]

This arc split into 3 part;

The Sword Trial[edit]

Ryuzan's Chronicle[edit]

The Eclipse Fall[edit]

3)Tears of Darkness[edit]

This arc also split into three part;

The Day of the City End[edit]

Preparation Before Enter The Hell[edit]

The Rider Rises[edit]

The other remain 3 arc still in progress and the title is still not conform yet.