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Hello their! I'm afraid I do not have the pleasure of meeting you yet, but soon hope to change that. My name is gage, and despite my user name here I am a fennec fox, but at the moment that isn't important. I have been searching for a very long time for a certain member of the furry community, someone who was around back in the days of FurryMUCK, namely 2001. You seem to be the most recent editor of a page that I have been searching for for about 3 years and you hold, or could at least help, to posses a key to a very valuable and...touchy subject for Me, and others. You edited a page awhile back, A page dedicated to finding and updating the locations of known furries in the lower manhattan area on September 11, 2001. You removed a falsely deceased member from the page. Now I'm sure that this dosent really mean much now, but may I ask if their is anyway I could speak with you aside from WikiFur, for I am new and not to framilier with this sites navigation ^^; I have a DeviantArt @ GageThealucario. Please contact me their as I will most likely not frequent this page any longer. This is a subject very close to my heart good friend, and your time in reading this is much appreciated! Thank you very much!

In regards, and signing off, Fennecus, gage, or Mr.Kelly.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by GageTheLucario (talkcontribs) .