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Furnal Equinox Edits by Non-Directors/ConCom[edit]

Hey Green, We've all been through this before. dan skunk is reversing edits on the page, after I removed the "see other/danskunk" and he placed it back. With me removing again. As a director of the convention and concom, speaking with others on said places. We do not wish his wikifur linked from our page article. He has mention in the article and that is enough, he has and still continues to cause problems for us, including many threatening e-mails sent to myself and other directors of the convention in the last few months. We would appreciate if he was blocked from editing our page, or our page was locked from edits, except from anyone of the directors. Scani, Myself, Blindsight, Pakesh or Arctic. At the least I'd like dan skunk to be prevented from editing our page. We don't need more issues then we already have with him and his problems.

—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Shane Nicholson (talkcontribs) . Director/ConCom - Furnal Equinox

Perhaps it's poor form for me to interject on user talk pages, but I noticed this change had felt compelled to jump in because you're asking for administrative lockdowns on this article. Generally, I feel it is not appropriate policy for pages to be locked down to a whitelist of official authors who can contribute.
I help run a convention, so I have a similar perspective about public perceptions and controlling impressions. We do this through our convention website, and I think that's the appropriate place for controlled messages and positive promotional text. Our event, like yours, has had a turbulent past that got us to where we are today, and while history isn't always positive or engendering of those presently organizing an event, convention, website, etc., it's an important part of the history of the event, but also, often for the regional fandom at large.
If items are added which are true facts, written in a NPOV, and are referenced according to standard, even if they cast an event in a contentious or less than positive light, they're part of a total perspective an encyclopedic article deserves. I noticed the tremendous amount of edits/reverts/reedits/talk page notes that have been going on about your event, and I can't find evidence that Dan is "trolling" in any usual sense, though I certainly understand how you might wish him to not publish his edits as associated with your event.
However, I think to be true to it's intended form, that's a concession we have to allow to keep Wikifur credible and in a long-term sense, truly useful. I don't believe anyone should be granted a privileged status as to what an article should say because they are elected or appointed to organize the subject matter being discussed. At the very least, I would recommend that if Dan puts up something you find untruthful, the references be questioned and researched by uninvolved parties, and consensus is reached before edits/reverts are made.
Until that happens, even if you were exclusive granted access to maintain the article, it would no longer be credible, it would simply be promotional without community consensus and involvement. [I am going to cross-post this to your own Talk page just so you get this. BlueOtter 17:03, 17 August 2011 (EDT)
I'm confused at who you are? Since I made this to green reaper. Nor do I understand what you just told me, since most of the wording seems a bit beyond my normal understanding.
My issue is plain, we the convention do not wish dan skunks wikifur page referred to in our convention page. Which I believe as a convention and as the directors and concom of said convention, have the right to have removed from our page, as said before, it causes more damage to us to have this person associated with us. He has been and continues to cause trouble for the convention, including personal threats to us and damaging us on his own forums.
We do not wish him making more edits to our page or referring to his page through the conventions web site.
While I'd like the page to be lockdown to concom, I'd be more happy if dan skunk was prevented from editing our convention page.
—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Shane Nicholson (talkcontribs) . Furnal Equinox Concom/Director.
Hi Shane. It's important to remember that articles here on WikiFur do not belong to the person or organisation concerned, but are articles about the subject. As for BlueOtter replying to you, for one thing he is GreenReaper (as noted in bold near the top of User talk:GreenReaper expects replying to be delayed through this month and the next as he is moving. -- Sine 13:01, 18 August 2011 (EDT)
Just so it's clear to Shane, I'm not GreenReaper, and I'm not an administrator of Wikifur. I'm just a contributor who noticed the Recent Changes logs. BlueOtter 16:35, 19 August 2011 (EDT)

I never saw that he was Blueotter, again, I never assume things. It's hard sometimes, so my apologies. While I understand they do not "belong" to us, it is about our organization and as such we like to keep information and reputation proper. As any con would not like their con being trashed or associated to undesireables home pages etc. - Shane