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As of Monday, the 12th of September 2011, my charges have been unconditionally withdrawn by the Crown and Court of Ontario, Canada. On that note, I would like to request my personal information be removed from my article page without threat of moderators such as AshleyAshes re-adding such information. In addition, I would like the note of any mention of the charge be removed, as it now poses as a threat to my future in both personal and professional stances. If you require any written proof, I am in the process of gathering the documentation from the courts and my lawyer notating that the matter has been resolved outright.

In addition, I would like to file a complaint against your moderator AshleyAshes, for personally bringing it upon himself to see that my reputation be tarnished, even after the criminal charge has been dropped. He played the entire matter as though I was guilty from the instant I was picked up, and appears to believe it is still the case though my charge has been dropped. I would like to politely speak with you in private on this matter further, so that these issues may be resolved as cleanly and respectfully as possible. It has been a difficult past 6 months, and I would like to do my best to keep those past 6 months under wraps for the future.

Fritter 20:57, 14 September 2011 (EDT)

Hi Fritter. I am glad to hear that you have apparently resolved this matter. As the information we have is backed by a published news article, some form of reference or document proving what you have said would be appreciated. If it can be proven, I am personally open to removal of the topic from the article about you; however, as we act on consensus and have not faced this exact situation before, I'll sound out the feelings of other editors on the discussion page.
You might consider contacting the newspaper which originally covered this story to ask them to print an update. I also would be glad to update the Flayrah article on this topic, and/or to post a new story there of equal prominence mentioning the withdrawal of the charges.
AshleyAshes is not a WikiFur colleague/curator and does not represent the site in any capacity beyond that of a contributor. He also has no more or less power than you have - well, OK, technically there are a couple of things he can do because your account is new as of yesterday, but he has not been granted any special powers. We encourage all editors to ensure that articles are accurate and comprehensive, although in this case I would have preferred to see an attempt to confirm the information provided rather than immediately remove it.
In the future, I suggest using the "summary box" above the save page button to provide an explanation of the motivation for your edits to other editors. This will appear on the history page as a brief explanation of the edit. Without it, it can be tricky to deal with situations like user A adding information X to an article, user B removing it for a reason in line with wiki guidelines (e.g. a lack of a citation), and user A then adding it in again without giving any response to B's reasoning.
You are welcome to talk to me in the #wikifur chat room, or to email me, but please bear in mind that I am relocating to Texas this weekend and may be away packing up boxes. As mentioned above, policy and article content decisions on WikiFur are made through the consensus of editors, not handed out from above as in most websites, but I would be glad to advise you on how our system works and suggest how best to achieve your goals. --GreenReaper(talk) 21:53, 14 September 2011 (EDT)