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Furry Twitter Drinking Game[edit]

Your article Furry Twitter Drinking Game has been removed because it is not appropriate for WikiFur. Specifically, WikiFur is an encyclopaedia of the furry fandom but is not a site for hosting original essays, stories, or other works, especially if they do not exist elsewhere.

For an article on the FTDG to be appropriate, the rules would have to be recorded somewhere other than WikiFur, so the article could refer to that other site. Also, the FTDG would have to be an established part of the fandom, and be noteworthy. (As, judging from your Twitter posts, you came up with the FTDG only a few hours ago, I don't think it can yet be called established, nor noteworthy.)--Higgs Raccoon 03:44, 12 February 2011 (UTC)