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You have vandalized or made non-serious edits to this wiki. Please stop. Vandalism is reverted immediately upon being discovered. We normally welcome anyone to edit, but if you continue to vandalize you will be blocked from editing.

You made an edit on the Twokinds article in which you added a link to a pornography search for Twokinds subject matter to the External links section. All other external links are authoritatively managed by the Twokinds creators or are informational about the article's subject matter, whereas the link you added is neither authoritative nor informational. Please refrain from linking keyword searches on other websites as External link items, as their content is subject to change as search results change on other sites -- links should be to static articles. More importantly, please do not link pornography to Wikifur articles unless absolutely necessary to explain the subject matter (which is rare), and even then, only with appropriate warnings/disclaimers. This is the second time it has happened today -- you have been blocked. BlueOtter 18:50, 27 June 2012 (EDT)