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Zurui Kuramoto (born July 12th, 1984) is a rust-orange kitsune living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

Character description[edit]

Zurui's full name is Zurui Cameron Kuramoto. He's a three tailed kitsune and shape-shifter. He can perform small magical acts aside from his fox fire ability. These acts include prestidigitation, flight, teleporting and minor conjuring.

Second Life[edit]

Zurui Kuramoto as he appears on Second Life, standing on a waterfall.
Found by the same name, Zurui Kuramoto on Second Life. Often times found wandering around multiple furry sims. Favorite hangouts include Gay Yiffy Club and Rainbow Tiger. His favorite shopping spot for clothes is Bare Rose. While he has a vast assortment of avatars, his normal is a three tailed fox.

Conventions and Gatherings[edit]

Zurui has been to Anthrocon 2005 held at the Windham in Philadelphia, as well as Anthrocon 2006 and 2007 held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to Anthrocon, Zurui has attended the Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend each year since 2004. n He has tentative plans to attend other furry conventions and gatherings throughout the United States in the near future.

Other activities[edit]

Zurui enjoys photography, playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, watching all kinds of movies except black and white and westerns, and he loves to play video games.

External links[edit]

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