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Zuperbuu (also known as the "Hull FC Raccoon" or just "Buu") is a new fursuiter; she has not attended any Furcons yet due to the difficulty of finding ones near her home to attend. Sarah began fursuiting in September 2007 as part of her A2 Art coursework after stumbling across many sites containing fursuit tutorials whilst searching for "mascot costume tutorials". Although she had long been into "furry" or "anthro" drawing art; her first anthro was a Raccoon like cat she created in 1998 called Zuperbuu, and by 1999 Zuperbuu became Sarah's mascot and fursona. Branching from Zuperbuu, Sarah created multiple other fursonas that represented a fragment of her personality (with Zuperbuu representing her "repressed inner child".) Sarah produced 3 heads within 2 weeks for her art coursework, and 3 sets of tails and handpaws to go with them. After compleating the coursework, Sarah continued to experiment with different head types and materials once her parents and tutor encouraged her to continue with 3D work rather than 2D (her once prefered style). On Febuary 2008, Sarah finished her fursona costume, a Raccoon/Serval Cat hybrid which (funnily enough) was called Zuperbuu. The Raccoon was often drawn wearing a rugby shirt of Sarah's hometown's "west team", Hull FC. Alongside Zuperbuu was another anthro, representing Sarah's inability to judge things correctly, called Archie. He was a dirty fox, often drawn with torn clothes whilst wearing a rugby shirt of Sarah's "rival team" Hull KR. Although Archie wears the Hull KR shirt Sarah never once supported them, however the other members of her family did until they converted to Hull FC in the mid 1980's (the main reason why Sarah never supported Hull KR was that her family didn't when she was born). Archie wears the shirt to express the huge difference between Zuperbuu and himself, although with Buu's hyper and somewhat uncontrollable behaviour it would be hard not to see the difference.

Evolution Of Zuperbuu & Her Friends[edit]

The "Hull FC Raccoon" never was origionally a Raccoon at all; in fact, Zuperbuu once was a cat. A black and white cat with markings similar to a Raccoon and Skunk. But after Sarah played "Sly Cooper & The Theivius Raccoonus" she fell in love with the Raccoon species and changed Zuperbuu into a hybrid, using her favourite animals (cat and raccoon) to make her mascot and main fursona. All previous images of Zuperbuu (1998 to 2002) where lost when Sarah moved house, however images from 2005 onwards survived the move.

Zuperbuu wasn't the only fursona of Sarah; in total, Sarah created 5 'main' bodies and 11 'minor forms'. Buu was known as "The Boss" and was number 1 on the main 5 fursonas.

The Main 5

Zuperbuu, Gakidou, Ollie, Archie (furry) & Tim Adrien Argan (non-furry), Antitheus Fera.

Gakidou is one of Sarah's most treasured creations; he dates back to a nightmare she had in 1995, where he was a small purple dog who killed humans for food. Over the years, as Sarah matured, Gakidou changed into a half-man half-beast. This was Sarah's own species which she called the "Jinimaru".

Zuperbuu has her own "Jinimaru form" to help her blend in with the species, much like how she turns herself into Sarah to blend in with humans.

Ollie is a hyena, she represents the more "serious" side of Sarah. With how cold she is and quiet she is, not much can be said about her.

Archie you already know of by now, as for Tim Adrien Argan well...he's a human male, born in Phoenix (Arizona, USA) with special powers after a military experiment. He is connected with Archie because in one of the "alternate universes" Zuperbuu came up with for her own seires, Tim becomes a werefox and turns into Archie. Tim was designed from a doodle of an Invader Zim fancharacter in 2003, evolving beyond the Invader Zim style and story to become a unique character.

Antitheus Fera is the main character from Zuperbuu's story called "Appocalypse Blue". He hasbeen debated over what species he actually is, with him resembling both a Coyote and a Grey Fox. This debate has not since been resolved, even though Antitheus Fera has existed since 2001.

Other Projects & Hobbies[edit]

When not working on cosplay fursuits or drawing concept art, Sarah writes fanfiction (which you can find on by searching "Zuperbuu") and makes sculptures. Gaming is also one of her major hobbies and she fills most of her spare time playing games like Oblivion and The Sims 2, or if she fancies playing on either her PS1, PS2 or PSP she'll reach out for Guitar Hero or Final Fantasy 7 & 9.

Although she spends most of her time gaming or fursuiting, you'll often find Zuperbuu on the internet in various places OR you may be lucky to catch her at an Anime Convention. Below are a few sites you will find her at:

Where's Zuperbuu From?[edit]

The United Kingdom, born and bred in Yorkshire. Kingston Upon Hull. However, Zuperbuu spent 3 years in the USA, San Fransisco area, when she was a baby. She doesn't remember a lot about it. Zuperbuu also moved to East Leake in the past 10 years, a village nearby Nottingham.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="52.829684" lon="-1.181631" type="satellite" zoom="15">52.829551, -1.182519This is the village Zuperbuu lives in.</googlemap>