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Differences and Similarities between Wikipedia and WikiFur[edit]

Seeing as both of these wikis use the same software and are, of course, a wiki, it seems natural that they are very similar. However, there are slight differences. Here's a break-down:


  • Both have the same syntax used for the wiki pages created by users. That means it you do not need to re-learn how to make pages.
  • Both try to assume good faith and other general policies like no personal attacks, being bold and not biting newcomers.
  • Both try to achieve a neutral point of view, and attempt to get notable, accurate information.
  • Neither support copyright infringement but do believe in fair use.
  • The policy regarding UserName spaces is virtually the same, and talk pages are used in the same way.


  • WikiFur allows a greater range of research and notability. This means that more subjects are welcome and that information does not always need to be confirmed by many users. This effectively allows much more specific information on the wiki and a broader range of topics.
  • WikiFur encourages sources, but they may not always be required. In contrast, Wikipedia requires most information to have a reliable source which would be very hard to do on a wiki such as this.
  • Wikifur allows (and encourages) users to make an article about themselves on the wiki. Because they are part of scope of the wiki (the furry fandom) they can be seen as notable. It is worth noting that articles should not be made without any tangible informational content, however. In a huge contrast, Wikipedia frowns extremely upon making or editing an article about yourself, even if you are noteworthy.
  • WikiFur respects the personal values of people articles may be about, and has a few guidelines to avoid sensitive information being put in articles unless it seems clear that the information is already exchanged freely.
  • Similarly, WikiFur has a policy that an article may be 'blanked out' if the person it is about would not like the information to be shared.

About this Page[edit]

This page is meant to highlight the differences and similarities between these two wikis. The main purpose of that is to hopefully get a good enough page up that it'll be actually useful for people coming from Wikipedia. They'll know the exact differences without hunting down a lot of pages (although links to them for further reading is still a good idea).

Feel free to contribute to this page!