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Morphicon.jpg This user has attended

I first attended Morphicon in 2006. Events I attended were the Beginning In Fursuiting Panel, and I ran the introductory World Tree adventure Kidnapped!

I attended the first instance of Furry Connection North, essentially going in blind because of the timing of the convention's schedule going up.


I have improved my written outline for a Zhaleskra "Fur"-suit. There are no pictures at the moment because hands are one of my drawing weak points, and as a Zi Ri, Zhal has four of them. I originally considered makeup for large portions of the costume, and now prefer the idea of starting a partial that will eventually become a full suit.

At Morphicon 2007: Technofurs, I started my first tail. Not all the colors I wanted were presented at the convention, and I corrected my sewing and finished the tail at home.

I have discovered that suedecloth will give the rough feeling that I want for the costume. My mom made my second tail the day before I left for Morphicon 2008, using the galvanized steel wire I use for weaving mail, and the three colors of fabric I had -- only one color wasn't seudecloth.