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O-Warrior Characters[edit]

Introduced in Access

  • David Mumper - Flame Gladiator (Finnish Spitz)+
  • Logan Lockhart - Hurricane Gladiator (Great Dane)
  • Adrian 'Riley' Hardwood - Stone Gladiator (Bear)+
  • Giovanni Valentino - Ocean Gladiator (Asian Golden Cat)
  • Ryan Bloodworth - Resolute Bishop (tiger)

Introduced in Hyper Access

  • Jordan Yarwood - Crystal Paladin (Kishu Inu)+
  • Felicity Lexington - Snowy Valkyrie (Arctic Hare)
  • Rita Hackney - Iron Kunoichi (saluki)
  • Kenji Nomura - Phantom Samurai (Kai Ken)
  • George Chickas - Spark Viking (cougar)+

Introduced in Ignition

  • Veronica Toyo - Heartfelt Amazon (serval)+
  • Glenn Baiford - Wooden Archer (Weasel)+
  • Winston Lewis - Fierce Pirate (mouse)+
  • Annabelle Gonzaga - Fortune Wizard (tabby)+

Introduced in Digital Ignition

  • Cindy Molinar - Holy Sorcerer (ferret)+
  • Neal Francis - Starry Dragoon (dragon)+
  • Unnamed Knight
  • Unnamed Yóuxiá or Hwarang

The Plus means that character is named after someone from my school that holds strong meaning to me.

O-Warrior Book Series[edit]

  • Overture Warriors: Access Granted
  • Overture Warriors: Hyper Access
  • Overture Warriors: Ignition
  • Overture Warriors: Digital Ignition
  • Overture Warriors: Championship

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