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Zeo is a French Canadian born in January 15th 1991 that lives in alittle town called Nominingue in Canada he speak French and English he's in the Furry Fandom since early 2007


Zeo is a black and white Malamute Husky with yellow markings, we can easily recognize him by the big Z on his back.

Zeo's Reference Sheet


Zeo's first fursuit was build by SenseStudios, in 2010

[Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3] [Picture 4]

Zeo's second fursuit was build by SparkyCanDo, in 2014

[Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3] [Picture 4]

Convention attended[edit]

Zeo attended those following convention (In order) :

WhatTheFur 2010

Otakuthon's Halloween Party 2010

WhatTheFur 2011

Otakuthon 2011

Comiccon 2011

Otakuthon's Halloween Party 2011

WhatTheFur 2012

Otakuthon 2012

Comiccon 2012

Furfright 2012

WhatTheFur 2013

He would love to do "Anthrocon" and "Furnal Equinox" in a near future (If possible)

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