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R. N. Oman, a.k.a. Zenithfoxie or simply Zenith, is an anthro artist living in the Phoenix metro area. Born in 1989, she has been drawing 'animal people' her entire life and was largely influenced by Disney and the novels of Redwall, which her mother first read to her when she was five. She is considering a career in illustration, concept art, or publishing her own stories (most of which have not even been started yet.)

She was introduced to the internet fandom in 2001, but didn't become an active member until 2002. The first place she ever displayed artwork online was the Fernblossom Oekaki board. As of yet she has not attended any conventions.


The majority of Zenith's work is 2D, done in traditional media such as marker, ink, or colored pencil. She has also dabbled in ceramic sculpture and mask-making.

In 2006 she entered the West Valley Arts Council's Fountain of Youth Art Contest. The theme was 'the importance of water in the desert' and she took grand prize with her marker piece, "Answered Prayers", which features southwestern animals with slight human characteristics.

Zenith may, on occasion, participate in art trades or do requests, but she does not take commissions.


The actual character of Zenith is a grey fox, created in 2001. She is distinguished by an eyepatch over her left eye. Please note that she is not a pirate!


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