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ZeekCalzaya also known as Zeek or Zeekerz has been a member of the Therian or Were community for some time. Over the past few years he has involved himself in the Furry community more and more. He has attended such cons as MFM(Mephit Fur Meet) and MFF(Midwest FurFest) and has helped host his own furmeet down in BatonRouge Louisiana


Both inside and outside of the furry community he has involved himself in many things. He joined band in highschool, playing such instruments as the bassoon, clrainet, alto, tenor, and bari saxophone as well as vocals with the choir and piano in the jazz band. Currently he's an amature artists doing mainly sketch work but plans to learn photoshop and begin doing complete works and possible comissions for people.

Where To Find This Critter[edit]

He is easily able to be found on his LiveJournal and is a member of the Louisiana Furs group on there. Though he is no longer in Lousiana, he is still a member of the group because he plans to attend fur meets down there when he can. He has all of the 4 major instant message platforms and is on Yiffchat as Zeek. You can also find a few stories he has written in the Fur Affinity and Yiffstar story galleries.