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Zarrix, drawn by Reva_the_Scarf

oh boy where to begin...?

 Zarrix, a 3 year old fox-wolf {Folf} kit whose favorite hobbies 

are picking up sharp weapons and swinging around in a dance like motion, making new friends, and really just hang around and do nothing kind of thing.. but things didn't always used to be this way.. this kit had a lot of work to do back in his time where time seem to have froze his ageing process, and may be stuck like this.. forever. This fact does not concern or bother him. He loves to be young, feel active.. but he ways him self down in spite of the fact he might hurt others.. lets get into more details shall we?


Zarrix is a 3 year old Fox-Wolf otherwise known as a Folf, even though his wolf side 

shows more you can see the hint of fox in the end of his tail the way its colored and shaped and more importantly in his personality. Zarrix is always a fun and active kit (mabey mellow at times) hes always there to accept a hug from his beloved friends and when he needs to talk to people being as hes so used to be alone he might resist in longer conversation and may be unreliable when it comes to time or dependability. Even though this kit almost always seems to be unbelievably happy and active he really just puts on a good mask, no matter who he is with and what the conversation is he always feels alone and saddened, whats more is that he always has a horrible habit of feeling like he needs to protect himself, no matter how much he feels like hes in good company he always has a weapon nearby.. even if his friends are not aware of it.


Well start with the hair its technically a really really dark brown but to the naked 

eye it appears black so when asked he will just simply state black, he is not oriental in any way that is why i must make this fact clear. the overall fur color is an average shade of brown however he has patches of gray fur running from under his muzzle to down into his chest and a gray tip on his tail and spots of it on his feet but not very visible easily. his claws are black... duh! and his are are duo colored his right eye is a sapphire blue and his left is an emerald green. Finally his trade mark fur patches that stand out quite well are a deep red ring like figure that sway around his wrists, feet, tail and ears all show a distinctive lovableness of the character.

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