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'Zakari' drawn by Shadow
'Zakari_fursuit' Taken by WhiteyFawks
'Zakari_fursuit' Taken by Bai

Zakari (also known as Zak; born November 1st, 1988) is a furry who lives in Kent, South East England, U.K.


Zakari main fursona is a White Siberian tiger who has a couple of distinctive V shaped black markings, blue eyes and a tall muscular physique.

Brief history[edit]

Zakari himself grew up in the south of England and has been into the furry world since before he can remember. He now takes regular trips to attend conventions and Furmeets up and down the country including regular appearances at LondonFur Meets.


In the year 2009 the long standing project to build his fursuit Zak was completed and now stands poised to join in with some of the best suiters from around the world in bringing in fun and entertainment to the masses!

Name: Zakari

Sex: Male

Species: White Siberian Tiger

Special features: Digitgrade legs, outdoor foot pads, AC Fan unit, shorter ‘no drag’ tail.

Made by: ‘WhiteyFawks’ of the mighty Arend Studios

Started on: 23rd February 2009

Finished on: 2nd May 2009

Duration: 2 Months 6 days

Loves: Big Hugs, running around, scritches, having his photo taken and taking to the streets of London!

Hates: Rain, having his tail tugged, bossy boots and negative public reaction :(

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