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Zafrina is one of the few young suiters in the fandom. She creates fursuits and owns her own buisness. Born on the 1st of Feb 1996 and lives in melbroune, Australia.


Zafrina has always been into animals all great and small but always took an intrest in canines. She used to dress up and act like animals and took no intrest in being anything other than an animal. It wasnt until Zafrina was 13, in November 2009 that she found the fandom. Without a seond thought, Zafrina leaped into the fandom and began her journey without any regrets. Zafrina spent a lot of time looking at suits and taking intrest, so within a month of ebing in the fandom, Zafrina made her first suit.With her hyper, postive and fun attitude she thought it would be a perfect thign to do. She took no intrest in comissioning and ended up with her fist fullsuit. She went on to make many more suits and has now got a buisness with her friend frost the wolf whcih they both make suits. Zafrina is no longer known as Zafrina much anymore as she now has all new sona's named Jay See, Melody and Electra. But Zafrina will always live on as it was her first and most loved sona.


Zafrina (was for self but is now owned and operated by another) Jay See V.1 (made for self use) Melody V.1 (self use)


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