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Zackwell Dorian Aesther, in all his anime-style glory. Kawaii

Zackwell Dorian Aesther, Born 14th April 1985 in England, is An Arctic fox. Though easily overlooked as a furry, due to the small differences between a fox an a human, Zack is passionate about the furry fandom.

Zackwell in General[edit]

Zackwell's Appearance[edit]

Zack has mainly white fur, though some black patches of fur cover his back, chest, and the back of his head. Zack is fairly tall, measuring 6'2", and is quite slim, with a weight of 142lbs. Zack generally appears in a red jacket, Lilac shirt, and Black trousers, and a blue scarf. Variations have occured.

Zackwell's Personality[edit]

"Where to start? I think... The beginning... Yeah, That sounds right... But where is the beginning?"

Zack can be quicky perceived as a pessimist. Not a very talkative person, Zack tries to maintain a mysterious demeanour However, he fails at it when he makes a new friend. Zack is in fact, an optimist, he prefers to look for the good in the bad, and won't give up if there is no good. Though far from being perky, Zack believes that keeping a cool, optimistic frame of mind will help you though any problem you have in life.

Zackwell's Poetry[edit]

"I don't do Rhyme,
A waste of time,
I like to write a different kind."

Zackwell is a poet. He has written a short anthology of poems, most of them about some form of Angst. Despite the nature of his poems, Zack denies ever having felt many of the emotions he describes. His poem series includes:

Coming soon!

The Many Lives of Zackwell Aesther[edit]

Love life[edit]

Though previously in love with another, Zack was left alone abruptly when she departed for Iceland... Never to return. Thanks to a good friend, Tuqiri, Zack was able to find love again, in a certain Lunestar Aesther, to whom he is currently engaged. Of course, this involved a sudden switch of sexuality.

Academic life[edit]

Zack is currently out of School. Set to engage a course in IT come september, Zack eagerly awaits the opportunity to begin learning once more. (And stop being hassled by his parents to get a Job.) Still awaiting the results of his GCSE exams, Zack hopes to get the grades he needs to get his placement on the IT course, and eventually be able to find a suitable job to support his future family with Lunestar.

Family life[edit]

Zackwell gets on well with his family. Though hassled to get a job for the summer, Zack wishes to enjoy the short break he has between learning. His brother, like most little brothers, is annoying. Zack's grandparents on his mother's side, are currently his best source of income. By doing chores for them, such as mowing lawns, painting fences, and dusting, Zack earns £5 each day he works for them. They're really nice grandparents. As for Zack's grandmother on his father's side, she lives too far away for him to help her on a regular basis. Though he occasionally appears to help her with her shopping, for no reward but the satisfaction of helping his grandmother. (The £2 she gives him afterwards is just a little present.)

"I am NOT an EMO!"[edit]

Zackwell has many of the traits neccessary to become an Emo. However, He simply doesn't want that. His poetry, is depressing. He listens to Emo bands. He dresses in black. His fur is white. He has slit his wrist. But he is NOT an EMO. The story behind slitting his wrist is a short one; One day, while being told to wash the dishes, he gets in an argument with his little brother, whom he consequently chases around the garden. Upon re-entering the house, His little brother closes, and holds closed the door. Zack holds out his arms to stop himself hitting the door. His arm goes through the glass pane. Blood hits the walls, as his wrist is gashed open by the glass. That's that wonderful story.

Et Arcumbra Vulpes[edit]

Et Arcumbra Vulpes (A Blackshadow Fox)is an RPG, being made by Zackwell.

Short Synopsis[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Zackwell is a human merchant in the town of Valest. When a mysterious package appears in his stock, and a friend is wounded fatally by a theif who steals it, Zack takes chase. Suddenly, He finds himself transformed into a semi-fox-like state. He decides to infiltrate the base of the treacherous Sable-knife thieves, in the hope of finding out about the package that made him this way, and perhaps a cure for the deadly poison, coursing in his friend's veins...


Chibi depiction of Zackwell, in Et Arcumbra Vulpes

Zackwell Aesther - Zack is a merchant of the town of Valest, prized for the antidotes he sells that combats the poisonous plants in the forest, north of the town. Transformed into a fox by the Vulpen spirit of Flame, Zack intends to use his new found abilities to save his friend. The initial character in the game. He begins as a typical human, his combat abilities are stunted, and can cast no magic. He is a friend of the local bartender, Gael, who is shot by a Sable knife thief.

Zack wields a sword, and can cast fire-based magicks. Zack is prone to sudden and extreme adrenaline rushes when feeling a particularly strong bout of rage or pain, causing unpredictable moments of insanity. However, these finish quickly, and cause no lasting damage to Zack's sanity.

Zack claims to be led by a 'Voice in his mind' leading to uncertainty amongst his companions, who sometimes believe him to be schizophrenic. The voice later proves to be the Vulpen spirit of fire, attempting to guide him.

Chibi depiction of Autumn, in Et Arcumbra Vulpes

Autumn Skye - Autumn is the entertainer of the Sable Knives' Headquarters in Port Vener, celebrated as a master pianist by the thieves, who like nothing better than to sit and listen to him play. He was taken in by the Sable knives, after he was found by Sable (the self-proclaimed lord of theives) as a baby, wrapped up amongst some spoils. Sable raised the child as his apprentice. The child showed great ability with his fingers. He could pick a lock in seconds, and not even have to concentrate. The only thing that stood in the child's way of becoming Sable's own heir, was his justice complex, and morality. Now at the age of 16, Autumn looks to leave Sable, and start a new life, free of the shadows of the Sable knives.

Autumn wields a staff, and can cast Light-based magicks. Autumn is a naturally shy person when it comes to meeting new people, however, upon getting to know them better, he opens up to them, trusting them. His relationship with children is bettered by his own childish disposition, allowing him to talk easily to small children.

More Cast info to come!