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  • Pouncecuddle*

Hello, ^^; My name is Yuchi, I am a Figer, yes, the last and only of my kind. I am always looking for friends and roleplayers. So if you want to talk 0-0 Be prepared for cuddles. ~Name: Yuchi(Megan) -.-; ~Seeking: Friends ~Age: 17 (Feb/12/1989) ~Species: Figer ~Status: Why is this any of your buisness? XD ^.^ ~Occupation: Novelist, Artist, Full time Fruits Basket fan ^_^; ~Classification: Goth/Otaku(Don't let the pic fool you x3 ) ~Sexual Status: Virgin who wishes to stay that way until marriage or till she’s completely ready. ~Drugs/Smoking/Drinking: No ~Good mate?- So I’ve been told 0.o; I’m very loyal and cuddly. <3 I wub cuddles ^.^ ~Looking for: Good Friends that I can hang with if not with my mate 0.o Loves: To cuddle! ^.^ Fruits Basket, Playing DDR and Draw. 0.o; ~Not a big fan of: Well Drugs and stuff like that, excessive use of labels, liars and people who think sex is life, Naruto (Too popular, I will only watch the ORIGINAL UNCUT JAPANESE SUB ^.^) ~Fan Of: Literate Roleplayers,DDR, Strawberry Pocky, Miyavi, Subbed Anime(Only some have good FMA and Furuba) Fruits Basket, White tigers old cartoons(Angry Beavers, Rocko’s Modern Life, Courage the Cowardly dog, Johnny Bravo and so on), Good cartoons (Family Guy, The Brak show, American Dad and Futurama, Invader Zim) ~Family Life: …bad. Not something I wish to talk about ~Weaknesses: Ears and Strawberries ~Strengths: Cuddly, kindhearted, and CUDDLY! ^.^

Well then, Instant Message me or go to my websites: ^.^

AIM- FurubaOtakuYuchi

Myspace: - blocked by dad so ad if you wish but don't expect a reply soon- @.@ Art: Fruits Basket Fan Page: