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Thomas hoffmann is known in the Online/Furry Community as Youngbull, the Furry "Lord of The Darkness". But that's only one of his many sides. the side best shown in his love art was set free by the former light of his life, Jessica. Youngbull is a Norwegian Paws and a Furry artist with a completed 3 year art school education.

Fursona Info

Most recent love piece. If you like this one, you'll love my Art website. Copyrighted, please do not repost.
Youngbull's fursona is an Anthro Black Wolf, and it has been since a very young age. He also qualifies under the term Therian. He can trace -together with his ex-mate- his spirit animal to a shared dream they both had while they were very young. With his fursona also comes two non-anthro forms. A Quad black wolf, and a normal black raven.

The latest known Photography

About the artist

Is based in Norway, Europe. have drawn since he held his first crayon. constantly challenged himself to improve his talent for drawing. his family was enthusiastic in his artistic development, and always gave him a reason, and the means to draw.


November 2006 he went to London on a study trip with his class, where he was able to complete his dark look by purchasing his close to trademark long coat, hat and boots in real British black cow-leather.

December 2006 he went along with his mother and sister to Egypt. Where he sought for all traces of their ancient ways. Upon returning in January he found something even more important to him.

January 2007 he met with the love of his life, whom he instantly recognized from his childhood dream. and they've been together since.

December 2007 again his mother takes him on an adventurous trip to far off lands. this time to Mexico, where he sought for the ancient Maya ways and myths.

January 2008 he created his Website

August 2008 all love lost

Future goals

  • Make it into a career that will benefit from his artistic talents.