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Xylex, or properly Xylex Sirrsuh Rayne (catch name ZoriTatsu) is a non-anthropomorphic dragon.

Xylex has the personality of an 18 year old human, however is only 3 years old in dragon-years. He stands at 6 feet, measuring from his backside to the ground, or 8.2 feet measuring from his head to the ground. He weights roughly 1200lbs, and is 35 feet in length. His wingspan is 62 feet. His tail is 7.2 feet long, his neck is 1.2 feet long. His maximum flight altitude is roughly 7.9 miles, and he can stay in flight for approximately 3.5 weeks without touching down.

Xylex is covered in thick, black skin that has a rubbery, squeaky texture. His skin is extremely sensitive and he can notice objects close by him before they touch him. His head is large and he has a muzzle similar to that of the Pokémon, Charizard. His tongue is very long, bright pink and prehensile. His mouth contains several hundred teeth, his primary fangs being 9 inches in length. Two small fangs show out of the sides of his muzzle when his mouth is closed. His wings are generally held folded behind him, resting on his back. He has a small spoke at the main joint on his wing tips. He has no proper horns, instead he has a row of spikes that run down he back of his neck, all the way to his tail-tip. They are spaced only a few inches apart. These spikes decrease in size as they near the end of his tail. He has sharp, retractable claws on his paws, as well as slightly lighter colored paw-pads. He has four toes on his front feet, and only three on his hind. His underside reveals abs to identify some strength, but by no means are they anything to brag about. He has a scar on the left side of his chest, just above his nipple, which he never speaks of. It is roughly 4 inches long and runs diagonally from the right side of his neck to the upper left side of his chest. He has a slightly chubby tummy. His ears are similar to a wolf's, however without the fur. They also face out at the side instead of straight ahead.

Xylex has the ability to breathe fire, as well as to produce electricity and other energy sources. He also has the ability of resurrection.