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Name: Xiongmao Simba
Created: Early 2004
Species: Pandion
Race: Huzaran
Height: 6ft
Weight: 182lbs
Eyes: brown
Home Planet: Huzara
Orientation: Gay
Mate: Kio (LOVE YOU!)

Pandion Facts:
.Pandions have the outward appearance of lions with the markings of pandas.
.Males are heavier than females and taller too.
.Males live to 100 years. Females live to 110 years.
.Pandions are omnivorous, eating meat, vegetables, fruit and even (toasted) locusts and mopane catterpillars.
.They are hunter/gatherers and live in tribes of about 10 adult females (more in the case of a take-over). Each tribe consists of a male and his alpha female mate, lesser mates and their cubs.
.Pandionesses have 2 cubs at a time. One male and one female.
.Male cubs leave the tribe at 14 years of age. One year before sexual maturity.
.Female cubs stay with the tribe until they are 15. Sexual maturity for them is 16.
.Adult males are very protective of their mates and daughters and will kill any who try to take them. However, tribal take-overs are not unknown. Sometimes, if the Alpha male is old or weakened, a rival will kill him and his male cubs. He will then mate with all females in the tribe over the age of 6 years. Young females in such tribes never leave.
.Females learn about mating and the pandioness's role in the tribe, from their family's older females.
.Males learn about mating and a male's role from their sires.
.Young males form bachelor tribes until each can find a mate and form his own tribe.
.Sons of the Alpha female of each tribe are taken by a tribe of Elders at the age of 10, and trained in the ways of the warrior. They are also taught healing and magic.
.Tribes gather every year, for 1 week, in an ancient place. Here, news is exchanged, stories told and much food eaten. Mothers are re-united with their sons and daughters. Young females are presented to the Elders for blessing.
.At the gatherings, the young females who are old enough, flirt and have casual sex with many males, until they find the right one.
.Once a male and his chosen female/s decide they wish to become mates, they go to the Elders at the end of the week and are blessed. They then go off together to start their new lives together. A year later, their tribe is officially named.
.Mates are together for life.
.Mating lasts for 1 hour and occurs as many times a day as the couple can handle. Usually over a period of 8 days. Pregnancy is always the result, though not all pregnancies run full term, especially in females who have never been pregnant before.
.Pregnancy lasts 1 year.
.Cubs are born blind, deaf and have a pure white coat. Their black markings start to appear at 8 months of age.

More to be added...