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Xell is a Duck who hails from the Southwest of England. His fursona is that of a Anthro Green Duck, who comes from space, although most know him for being a duck, which he has always been, a fact he's proud off. His personality has many sides and is often praised for being friendly and funny, hyper and crazy, although his caring nature has often been obscured by idiots, he still offers a wing of friendship to anyone who wants it.

Having made his way into the furry scene in early 2002. His adventures have taken him across the country having attended Furmeets in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Southampton, Swindon, to name but a few. Although in recent years his hasn't been active in the fandom as he used to.

Despite all that traveling, Xell prefers to stay in the shadows, enjoying the community from afar and learning about the people he meets. Although he classes himself as being shy he has popped up on a few forums such as FurAffinity, and the UKFurForums, the duck has even appeared on TigerTails Radio, where he was gunged for a charity event called Comic Relief. In recent months the Duck has been a guest host on FurPile Radio, which is recorded in the Ollie Pit in Swindon with co hosts Snack Meerkat and Ollie Pup.

Xell has always held an interest in fursuits but is too critical of his skills to make for his fursona himself, although he has made a Boarder Collie and a Meerkat suit for his friends. Aside from sewing and drawing, Xell has been known to play guitar, although he would like to jam with fellow musicians, the duck is too shy to play while others watch him.