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"The trick is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams. Because, if you can do that, you can do anything."

                           --Guy Forsyth, Waking Life

At present, I'm not sure what to write about myself. In a sense, I am still a kitten though I seem to be catching onto things faster than I used to.

Anyways, until I understand this wiki stuff better, I'll give you all a description I use though I may need to rewrite it a bit. It is still essentially true.

I have over time found that I am, in spirit, a bobcat. I have just about all the traits of one and definitely the traits of a feline. So, I consider myself Otherkin and have found that this works for me quite well. I tend to have a bit of bias towards felines given that I am one. Near as me and a friend have been able to figure, I might have had a past life as a bobcat.

I presently practice a form of technoshamanism as well as studies into metaphysics and the occult. I have found these to be immensely helpful in bringing myself closer to what I really am.

Anyways, the description:

"Soft yellow feline eyes set in warm tan fur seem to smile at you in humour as Xao notices you appraising his form. His face sports a white patch around his muzzle which complements the white cheek ruffs near his chin. Black tufts of fur sprout out from the tips of his velvety soft ears. Interspersed on his body are black spots giving his fur an appearance similar to that of a cheetah but with the spots blending in rather than lending a contrasting pattern.

As he stands, his hips are tilted a bit to the side as he rests upon one foot giving the other slack, his left paw resting on his left hip. His muzzle displays a cute little smile and you can see a couple of gleaming fangs protruding from his mouth. He wears little else but a rather tight pair of cutoff jeans cut rather close to the crotch which hugs his firm derriere rather snugly. Around his neck is an ankh symbolizing (ironically enough) fertility as well as vitality. Both his fingernails and toenails are painted with a silver polish and he sports and earring in his right ear that displays the six colours of the gay rainbow as little hoops on a larger one."

I shall write more here as I think of things to add.

Much love and light to those who read this,

  • hugs*


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