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Lost!..Lost!..I've Lost my marbles!!!!

So you see I was walking around the manor the other day when suddenly my precious marble bag slipped from my pocket and spilled across the floor. I dived down to catch most of them (since if I lost them I knew mother would be most upset). So down onto my hands and knees, in my nicest clothes onto the floor I started searching for them, but they had already fallen away...away into holes and crevices and places I couldn't see. So under the hallway carpet I thought I'd be able to find them...but when I crawled under (in my nicest of clothes) I found myself here...

where am I?

Lost! Lost!

+ Xanaria is a small north american mirco fishing cat. Standing at 6inches tall and 12 inches long from nose to tail end when quad. She has a silvery gold fur, fuzzier and fluffier then most other fishing cats with a poofy tail. She loves balls and has an affinity for Leonard Nimoy and the "original Spock" from the "original Star Trek". She likes to draw and write random things, but is often kidnapped away for different purposes on a regular basis.