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X231 is an American artist living in the Suburbs of WV on the Weekdays, and in a different location on the Weekends. He has been part of the Furry Community since 2004. He has a minor addiction to drawing (prefers to call sketching) and is attempting to do digital works when not working on traditional.


His fursona is a forest green scaled, black dread-locked, Reptile, dragon hybrid. (Alazorian Half-dragon) named, Comodo Tu'. He has been known to be an accepter of both the mystic, and the scientific. He built his own ship with a built in super computer system that responds to voice called V.A.L.A.R.I., and he understands the formation of portals to different realms.

Real Life activities[edit]

(2010) He currently goes to RCB Highschool and is in his Juniour year. (even though he is currently 18 years of age) Once he graduates he plans on taking the Gap Year to take the time to decide on what he wants to do with his life before starting college. While he's at home, he is usually studying, chatting with other furries on DeviantArt chat (dAmn), playing video games, or enjoying his drawing time with the accompaniment of music.


X231 has been making anthropomorphic art since 2005, and started out drawing early designs for Comodo. It wasn't until 2006 he decided to stick with giving him the name Comodo. He has a tendency to draw anthropomorphic reptiles, as well as dragons and wishes to expand, but is having difficulty in doing so.

Comic strip series[edit]

X231 has also created his very own humorous comic strip series that he calls "Life is Random" (LIR for short) It has lasted for 2 seasons (according to X231) and there will be possibilities of a third season. (As mentioned in his DA journal "Lets say, I just completed the second season and am taking a break for the third season...when I can get around to it.") The comic strips consist of Comodo and his brother Rain living together under one roof with the addition of possible roommates or visitors (including: Ferkahhan, Zsenith, and Ryuki (Ryu for short)) dealing with humorous situations [mostly ones that involve the amusing humiliation of the Alazorian brothers.]

RP (Role Play)[edit]

X231 often role plays every now and then. Over time of role playing he often changes how he would role play for the better, often improving the development of his characters and their psyche. From his role plays, he sometimes gains good material for his comic strips and at times would joke about some of the flaws he would notice in his Rping.


X231 loves comedy and would try to find something funny in any situation if it is called for. When depressed, he will search for some comedy in any form. Favorite T.V. show that has that perfect laughter medicine is "Whose Line is it Anyway." When not thinking about comedy, X also loves to watch or listen to stories with compelling complex plot-lines. A great fan of epic climaxes (I know it sounds wrong) especially in movies, or action T.V. shows (anime included) He has recently been introduced and hooked on a great anime show calledBLEACH by his close friend Ferkahhan

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