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Aroooooo (Hello!!)

So your looking for information about me, huh? Well, Other than pretending to be a wolf online, my real name is Jason and I'm just your typical guy trying to find his way though life. I travel quite a bit for work, post a few times a week in my Livejournal, eat, sleep, then wake up and do it all over again :P

I work full time for a production company as their lead engineer and special effects consultant. Basically what this transcribes to is: I have more "ALL ACCESS" badges than I know what to do with from past events and shows. I can humbly say I've been to more places and have done more things than I ever thought would of been possible in my lifetime. Granted it not all fun and games, but it's definitely been an experience thus far! ;-)

I'm also somewhat of a media freak. (I take pictures & videos of various things I like to do) This can include hobbies, vacations, cool projects at work, or anything out of the norm really... I do this so in the years to come I can go back and reminisce of the "good `ol days" and wonder if it was all worth it.

I'm actually pretty friendly and while I'm not new to the Furry Fandom, I'm just now making an effort to try and get involved.

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