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Who The Heck Is He?[edit]

Wolven Claw Peacemaker is my main Fursona. But is also who I am known as in the Furry community although I also go by the name "Wolf" and though I don't have anything against my real name I generally prefer to be called by my nickname and/or fursona or side character names.

I am an Australian located Furry, born and raised there, with a range of different hobbies, likes, dislikes and so on of which I will now attempt to list. Although expect this list, as too with the info on this page, to change every once in a while. Or be added to. Either or.

In 2008 I visited the states for the first time and attended my first ever Furry Convention (more details further down) and also publicly fursuited for the first time too. It was also when I had the absolute honor to meet two of my greatest friends and who I consider to be brothers (who I met online through MySpace, of all places) and had the privilege of staying at their homes. I went for two months and stayed at each friend's place for a month each, first place being in Colorado and the next place in Emeryville, San Francisco. I also met some great people while over there too, some of which I am thankfully still in contact with now!

Hobbies & Interests[edit]

- PC & Video Games.

- Online Role Playing.

- Reading & Writing.

- Voice Acting.

- 3D stuff such as animations, models/modeling, etc.

- Lego. That's right, Lego. They are blocks of awesomeness!

- Art, in particular Furry Art & The Strange & Unusual stuff too.

- Horror.

- Comedy.

- Fantasy.

- Action.

- Some Movies, mostly action, comedy and horror as well as animated films.

So About My Fursona...[edit]

Wolven Claw Peacemaker

A black wolf with a silver grey front, ice blue eyes and white and royal/electric blue hair (half and half), although some draw/depict him with the royal/electric blue section of the hair as just the fringe or more of a streak (which is also fine however not the way it actually is by default).

Wolven Claw's original body type was more of a slender/athletic sort of build but later was change to a more plump, 300lbs body type.

Wolven Claw Peacemaker gift art by Kirron Roo (c) 2009. All rights reserved accordingly.
Fat Fur Wolven Claw commission by Tarah (c) All rights reserved accordingly.

Fursuits & Side Characters[edit]

So far I have five fursuits. Wisdom,Wolven Claw Peacemaker,Pup .C. Huggable,Tobi and Sparta. These are included as my "side characters" more so than anything although are still my "Fursonas" in a sense. It's a little hard to explain. I only have one Fursona, Wolven Claw Peacemaker, but my side characters are still a part of me none the less. Just a little less "official" than Wolven Claw Peacemaker. If that even makes any sense what so ever.

Anyway! They are as follows (listed alphabetically):

Pup .C. Huggable

Pup .C. Huggable is a brown dog partial with blue eyes purchased in 2008 via FurBid and was built by Fun Fur All. Originally going to be named "Charity Pup" for use as a charity mascot to cut a long story short plans soon changed and his name ended up being changed "Pup .C. Huggable" and has stayed ever since.

The youngest of the three, like most party-lovers Pup .C. Huggable shares the same level of love and passion to have a great time. Over all Pup .C.'s a kind-hearted, happy-go-lucky, down to earth type of pup with an inspiring level of enthusiasm and his aim to make you smile.


Basically your average White Rhino with an appetite as big as heart. He has sea green colored eyes and a muscular yet chubby physique.


Named after the MMORPG of the same name (found here [1]) Shaiya is beautiful, confident vixen with a tough yet friendly attitude. Not afraid of who she is and to say what she thinks she's a very compassionate and strong female who though beautiful is not so vein she thinks the world is about her.


Tobi is a cream-brown otter with green eyes. Purchased from FurBuy or FurBid (as Pup .C. Huggable and Wisdom were). His first public appearance was at Supanova (, a Pop Culture Expo in Sydney, Australia.

His personality is similar to Pup .C. Huggable but on a much calmer level. While still holding onto the love of life and always in the mood for a fun time Tobi's energy is more "down to Earth" as opposed to Pup .C. Huggable. A lovable, joyful otter with a curious interest in all there is to learn.


Wisdom, a fullsuit, is an old brown wolf with white eyebrows who earned his name as a result of people saying his eyebrows make him look "wise" or "old" and was purchased in 2008 from his previous owner Tygey Cowboy via FurBid and was Wolven Claw's first ever fursuit. After some help from a friend it was discovered that he was made by Noble Productions.

Wolven Claw Peacemaker

This was my second frusuit, which is also a fullsuit, and this time of my Fursona. It was custom made by Blue Fox Fursuits in 2008 specifically for use at Rocky Mountain Fur Con, 2008 which was my first ever Furry Convention.

Conventions Attended[edit]

- Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2008.

- MidFur 11 2009.

- Supanova 2010.

Page Notes[edit]

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