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WolfknightX once known by many as SJWolf lives in Minneapolis, MN USA. WolfknightX is a middleaged artist that has practiced line art since the age of 13 and did not become a strong furry artist until around 18 years old. WolfknightX's [1]fursona] is that of an intelligent and domesticated [werewolf] in midevil times.

Most of the work that WolfknightX tends to put out is traditional line art and has recently attempted to do some photoshop color work. WolfknightX is known to work with his best friend Novus on a number of pictures to see them to photoshop coloring but his real strength is in marker and color pencil colorings. This growing artist tends to do very athletic to muscular builds.

It is said that WolfknightX will be getting married to the canadian wolf Northwolf of Helifax, CA August 31st, 2009.