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WolfieTheCorgi, also known as Wolfie (her corgi fursona) Zumba (her main fursona, also a fursuit) or Mae (her birth name) . Born December 16 , 1998. She is a fur suit builder, her first fur suit is Zumba the white lioness. She quotes- "I became a furry when I was roughly thirteen, it would just be doodles or fur suit plans, but I never actually made one until I was fifteen... I'm saving up money , I have £700 roughly now, for a new digigrade fur suit by autumn fallings or sparkle creations. I odolise them."

Mae owns one fur suit, her fursona Zumba , a partial with indoor feet paws. She has only attended a few meets, such as Birmingham pride in 2013. Rumours have stated she plans to make her own East Midlands fur meet. She accepts commissions, she is possibly one of the cheapest fur suit head creators out there. Her heads are roughly £60. (Roughly $80)

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