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Furcode (decode): FCW[Wolfdox]fm4acmrs A- C+~-- D+++ H+++ M# P R-- T+++ W! Z Sm++ RLAT/CT a cdnw++$ e f++++ h++ iwf+++ j p->

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Hello and welcome.

If you need to contact me you can use discussion tab on this page, or you may contact me directly via e-mail at Wolferajd on I respond on e-mails within maximum 30 days.


The furcode above is slightly outdated - I'll update it soon.


You should be aware that Wolferajd has a storyline attached to it, which is revealed to the public step-by-step or by means of secret hunting. This of course means it is not included in article about me and it is hard to find it on the Internet.

However, and this is a message from me, if you like to play games - keep your eyes open, as I'll leave hints and tracers all around the Internet. The more secrets you crack, the more parts of storyline you can figure out. If you find and resolve all secrets, you'll realize the complete story of Wolferajd up to 2012 year. Good luck.

I am terribly sorry, but I no longer give spoilers. It would spoil the fun.

See the article about Wolferajd. WikiFur User