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WolfZero (Born November 4, 1985) is a cajun furry artist, named Kenneth
Kenny Crappell Jr
Crappell Jr(Kenny), comming from Morgan City Louisiana, but currently residing in Waterville Maine. Although the name states that he's a wolf, he is actually a Folf(A Fox/Wolf hybrid).

While living in Maine his frehsman year of Highschool in the year 2000, He found himself often quite lonely with only the help of the internet to really keep himself company. This caused his current obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog to rise constantly and eventually caused him to create his fursona Zero Wolf, who at the time was a Sonic Fan Character. 5 years later he is still drawing and pushing himself to improve more and more, posting his art on DeviantArt.

His character has now changes many times over in appearence and name, and the characters personality changes along with the artists.

He currently resides in Waterville Maine, living with his Parents, Younger sister, and Mate. But is not the only fur fan in the household. His Sister and Mate both have fursona's and while they may not be as into the fandom as he is, both draw furry related artwork.

He now uses the name Folf on IRC on the espernet and furnet servers. And can be found using the name FallenFolf more often as he slowly moves away from the WolfZero handle.

Currently he works at the local Gamestop in town.

Main Fursona.

His main fursona and character is a Folf by the name of Zero Ookami. He keeps his character generally the same age as he is. Although within the story plot of the character he is usually between the ages of 16 and 25.
A comedic chibi version of Zero Ookami Drawn by Kenny.

More info to come soon