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myfursona: wolf13 sofurry: wolf13 furspace: wolf13 wikifur: wolf13

wolf13 is a wolf furry who is aspiring to be an author and a video game designer.

born march 8th 1996

and has 6 pet dogs

14 yr old golden lab named goldie 10 yr old boxer named con 10 yr old catahoola named shany 3 yr old chihuahua named twix 1 yr old english bull dog named gracie 12 week old red heeler named kiane.

wolf13 likes to watch movies play video games write stories have fun with friends stargaze many other things

favorites: action movie: expendables or die hard seriese comedy: cannot decide horror: silent hill musical/kids movie: cats dont dance

video game: cannot decide

fur artist: renkundi

note: wolf13 is NOT picky when it comes to mate's species.

wolf13 got his name from a novel he wrote and has 13 fursonas and thus thought the name served well

wolf13's 13 fursonas are all wolfs and have the same physical description, however the differences arrive in personality, clothing, jobs, etc.

Me - this is the on that is based off wolf13 in real life and his actual personality so this is primary fursona

codename P.U.P. - he is a member of the “omikron” a superb military force rivaling surpassing that of space marines (WH40k) and his unit is a spec ops unit named “wolf13” (this the story i go the name from)

Paige - he is a dragon tamer and once a great man, but an aura of destruction seems to follow close behind him. he is also a skilled fighter who’s weapon of choice is whip or longsword

Celestial being - he is a paladin who by using magic stones can (to an extent) control nature.

Mawro - mawro is a archangel created by the gods the sent to earth in hopes of saving a damned race, wields a enchanted sword that allows him to speak to plants and animals and a sacred clay chest plate that gives him 100% control of the earth’s clay and certain other sediments and is completely bullet proof

Kael (working name) - that working name because the story is still in experimental phase. he is a killer hire whose current job hired by US government is to eliminate Kabin (also working name) a man trying to start WW3

Mkaine - a master thief [just because he found true love in his story doesn’t mean he has in a RP) specializes in gem thieving and is the field agent

Zealot - he is a paladin given immortal life due to a magic key he found however several “catches” apply to his immortality

Dante (working name) - a member of a mercenary group specializing in paranormal hunting currently assigned to save a Romanian village from foul creatures coming from a large obelisk tower in the nearby woods

Bishop (working name) - a omikron soldier part of unit “four scythes” (mark of evil/death in Japanese culture) tasked with radiation clean up on planet Sagittarius 4.

Terror - a dark knight bent on revenge after his innocent father was executed and he was exiled owns 4 swords #1 long sword capable of controlling flame and and can suck all light from the vicinity #2 a broad sword capable of sucking out the oppositions soul #3 a great sword capable of carving through and controlling wind #4 a long sword of great strength capable of slicing adamant as if it were butter

Whisper - a spirit who watches over young children’s spirits who died before there time until they are ready to move on he can play the flute to an extent that it can make anyone who hears experience Ecstasy and love but is completely blind and can only see by the help of his (kitsune in the story but whatever in a RP)

T.C. - he ran away from his abusive family and found and was adopted by a new family where he is loved / saved several people from a college shooting by jumping in front of a bullet (it hit him in the shoulder) then tackling the gunman / was drafted into military and took control of the squad after the CO was shot, he rescued a little girl against orders/ abducted and forced to survive in a sandbox post apocalyptic world (like the colony show, only more deadly) / forced fight in a alien coliseum as a gladiator / suffered much hardship after a girl named Kat (not actually a cat) left him because she wasn’t ready to settle down but kept a smile through it all / taken by the gods after his death and used as a security guard in the “museum of eternity” (a museum holding all the landmarks in human history and holds together the time space continuum)

!!!all copywrights to fursonas belong to wolf13!!!