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Most people don't know much about me so I will try to resolve some of the mysteries that surround me.

Who I Am[edit]

I won't tell you everything about me until I feel safe enough to do so (no offence but I have had some bad online experiences) but what I put here will be accurate.

My real name is Wilson Keiran Bennett (yes I know my screen name is almost identical) I am a Canadian Male Fur who has been part of the fandom since mid-late 2005 and I have been inspired by many of the works found online (comic and stories mostly) to begin writing furry fiction/fan-fiction. I have an obsession with Anime most notably any Gundam Series with the possible exception of SEED Destiny and my two favorite Gundam products are Char's Counterattack and G Gundam but I also enjoy other Mecha series such as Escaflowne. I am also a huge fan of Red Vs Blue and you may see me quote it often in my writings.

My first experience with anything furry was with Disney's Robin Hood but it wasn't until a couple years ago that I actually became a fur. Initially my being a fur was limited to Care Bears but after doing some searching for art I found pics of Care Bear customs drawn by Chris Farrington which led me to his webcomics and after some help finding DMFA from a friend I began to explore more finding out about Sabrina, Kevin and Kell, and a whole bunch of other things. As I said before reading all of that made me realize that I was a fur and that I liked writing stories set in furry universes.

I have a fursona who is an English Red Fox/Ukrainian Artic Fox hybrid (or crossbreed if it applies) who basically looks like a Red fox with with arctic fox fur on his points (ears tips, "boots", "gloves", and tail tip, instead of being white or black). I am working on several furry stories and my current project is Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Fury. I hope to write more in the future.

Music plays a big part in my life and little else can make me cry except for the emotional songs in Disney movies such as "Lady and the Tramp" and "Pocahontas". When it comes to reading I am a hopeless romantic and primarily seek out fanfics, stories, or movies with that genre.

My Characters[edit]

I have created four characters who will almost always appear in the stories that I write and almost always as members of some sort of team who have a history of friendship with one another. Here is the breakdown of their characters.

  • Alex Samuel Kitsune: Alex is a Red Fox who is usually portrayed as being somewhat hot-headed and often rushes into some situations without thinking. In stories with combat he usually uses his fists as weapons and is fast. In Gundam SEED Fury his suits are designed for high speed and usually have armaments to compliment this such as machine guns. His last name comes from the mystical foxes of Japanese legend as he is usually shown to have some sort of magic-like powers, for example: he has newtype abilities in Gundam SEED Fury which basically allow him to sense other newtypes, a person's intent (not read their minds or emotions but sense their intent so he can act upon it) and to ability to control remote weapons called funnels. He is usually romantically paired with Sandra Squirrel in my stories.
  • Sandra Clarisse Squirrel: Sandra is a Brown Squirrel who is usually level headed (acting as a foil to Alex on occasion) but is also prone to being rash like Alex is. In stories involving fighting she is usually a tactical fighter with Ninja abilities and similar weapons (or portrayed Ninja weapons). She is often shown to have powerful magic or magic-like abilities such as in Gundam SEED Fury she has the most powerful newtype abilities of the four main characters. She is usually paired with Alex Kitsune in romantic pairings and they almost never have a "love at first sight" thing going, if they are already going steady at the start of the story it is because they have had a past in the time before the story's era and are just continuing it throughout the story, otherwise they have to build it up throughout the story. Unlike most adventure couples the two of them don't end up together because of circumstances beyond their control and outside of wartime they are usually quite affectionate (which is why they aren't in SEED Fury for the most part).
  • James Adams Lupine: James is a Grey Wolf who is usually shown to be the smartest person of the four (with a fairly well built of knowledge of history, particularly of wars) and while he doesn't act as a foil to the others would probably be the first to point out the obvious in a situation. His combat abilites revolve around ranged combat so his MS in SEED Furry are usually equipped with a large array of range weapons for bombardment, he uses guns or a bow and arrows in combat in eras where Mecha don't exist. Unlike the Others James does not have a set romantic partner in stories and if only one person is left without a romantic paring it will be almost always be him, he is sometimes portrayed as a loner.
  • Sam Maxwell Raccoon: Sam is a Grey Raccoon who is usually the calmest of the group and acts as a foil to both Alex and Sandra being the first to calm people down in a tense situation (unless confrontation is imminent). Sam is a heavy close combat fighter so his MS are meant almost purely for melee combat in SEED Fury (like the Sword Calamity) and in non Mecha setting he is usually a samurai or heavy swordsman who wields larger than normal weapons (such a buster sword like the one used by Cloud Strife). Unique to SEED Fury is his fear of mass battle and war and several times he is shown to be in an almost catatonic state after a battle,(SPOILER) at one point after losing because of hsitance due to battle fear he actually enters a near coma like state for about a PHASE in length (spoiler ends). If allowed he would be paired with Flinthoof's Jade Rocktail (seen in Macropod Madness) romantically but this is less likely unless Flinthoof allows the pairing to be used in any stories but SEED Fury.
  • Cassandra Fennec: I created Cassandra as a mix of stereotypes and anti-stereotypes. Cassandra is a fennec vixen with long blonde hair, it is done back in a braid if she is on duty in SEED Fury, blue eyes, and D-cup breasts, in other words she has the setreotypical appearance of both a ditzy blond and a ditzy fennec vixen except that she is somewhat muscular as she knows some karate that she uses for self-defense. Cassandra is also very flirtatious and likes to flirt with and tease any boy she meets who is not alreayd involved in a relationship. This is where her stereotypes ends, on the flipside Cassandra is actually an intelligent and confident young woman. She has obtained a bachelor's degree at university (if she is an adult in a story, otherwise she is still in school) and is a quick study when learning new things. Her backstory is somewhat inspired by Wanda of Sabrina Online the Story, she was fairly plain looking in high school (ie: flatchested) until her the summer after she turned 16 when her chest grew out; when she returned to school throughout all of grade 11 and grade 12 she was sough after by many of her fellow male students. She was somewhat spiteful when she realized (almost immediately) that it was only her chest that drew them towards her. However instead of becoming either a heartbreaker or cold-hearted she became the girl who couldn't be gotten, she flirted ceaselessly with her male schoolmates but always either left before the proposition of a date came up (usually by delaying until the bell for class rang) or dodging the question with a flirty remark, despite this she still was a good student and managed to actually finish High School halfway through grade 12 (she worked very hard to get all of her required credits in grades 10-12) as she wanted to leave high school as soon as possible. She was an aspiring actress (an mey well be at ZZ Studios if she ever appears in a Sabrina Online story) but in SEED Fury she found a natural talent in being a pilot for large ships, her big break in piloting actually came with the outbreak of the False Unity War as her skill in getting a supply of equipment to the Achilles Miliary Colony through a barrage of both hastile and friendly fire, despite piloting a bulky cargo ship, made is that was was enlisted as the pilot of the new warship the MSC-7550 Angelic (where most of the story takes place) and given the rank of Chief Petty Officer. She is smart enough not to seduce anyone already seeing someone else and has decided not to date h=anyone and to remain a virgin until she finds someone who, in her own words, "Uses their eyes to look into mine (hers) and not let their gaze drift downwards".

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Sometime after the Angelic's launch she proves to be an intelligent leader as she is able to organise the crew of the Angelic while it is impounded at the Apollo Asteroid Base by a geneticist commander. Her plan not only gets the ship out virtually unscathed but also she manages to organise the resuce of the imprisoned members of the Angelic's crew and even reqcruit some sympathising soldiers of Apollo, after these events she is promoted to Lieutenant making her fourth on the list of commanders-in-charge after Thomas Marshall, Jade Rocktail, and Jason Togashi.

  • Alexia Marie Kitsune: She is Alex and Sandra's first child after marriage in any story that they appear in if it goes long enough chronologically. She is a Fox/Squirrel hybrid and when she is older she is very much a tomboy often acting more like her father than mother (just to be clear Sandra is less impulsive when not in a situation that merits combat whereas Alex is often hotheaded about some things until he gets older)

About Gundam SEED Fury[edit]

SEED Fury came from an obseesion with Gundam combined with my increasing interest in Furs and how I was becoming one. The series is set in Cosmic Era 213 (140 years after SEED Destiny) and has furs in it as a result of Genetic engineering in the forms of Morphs though in reality they are just humans who look like animals but also have some characteristics (like feline claws) of furs. It is shown often that Humans and Morphs are the same speicies in that I never call characters just "fox" or "wolf" but "fox morph" or "wolf morph". The series' four main characters are the four characters mentioned above who work for the EMDF (Earth Military Defence Force) as soldiers and are assigned to pilot prototype weapons called Gundams whoch are four suits built to help the EMDF win the war against ZAFT. I won't say much now but I may update this as I write more of the series.

Contact Info[edit]

  • Email: wbennett at sasktel dot net