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Wikk Fox is a fursuiter, and a digital/traditional artist. He has also been known as-

  • Czena Fox (Wikks twin)
  • Chigaru the Jackal
  • Waya Wolf
  • Scout the Pup
  • Dusk Fox &
  • Reefur Wolf

(but usually goes by Wikk Fox, or Chigaru Jackal when in suit)

When in suit, Wikk is a fun lovable little fox (or sometimes Jackal), that loves cuddling, scritches, treats, & GLOMPING! -snickers-

You can most likely catch this sneaky Fox at AlbuFURque AlbuFURque 2011

OR HERE!- FA (feel free to watch or +fav!)

So if you ever see me around feel free to come give me a scritch or a huggle! I dnt bite! ^^...... much ^^"

Chigaru.jpg Wikk.jpg Badge.png Wikk suit.jpg