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Whiskey Mutt was born 2010 when I was first introduced into the fandom via artwork. I had always been detached from regular society and never found to be as hateful or prejudiced as those I knew, and so the fandom eventually came to be my safe haven. I began doing commissions and semi-professional artwork in late 2011 in December myposts do tend to be sporadic but I take pride in my work when presented. As a member of the fandom I have made my own fursona which has held its own for six months so far without change. I express myself as ablue-heeler/ Border collie mix with a bit of raven for good measure ;) I am an ink and paint traditional artist and very much resemble an amateur version of Blotch Spotcat's work. My commissions usually go to my L.A.R.P. called Amtgard, my supplies, and endless cases of..... Dr. Pepper.;)