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WereWoof is a gay computer engineer from UK.

He can mostly be found on Second Life under the name WereWoof Schufang. . He is a DJ at several clubs as well as owning a residential sim.

His love of Huskies, Wolves and a certain sub-species of Fox is fairly well known

Shy Lonely and Quiet Gay Were Dobermann

I <3 Huskies Wolves and Foxes

His Big mouth and frisky nature can often get him into trouble, usually getting himself into odd situations and is then unable to work out just how he got there!

Well so many people wanted to see me as a fox . . soooo . . . here it is:

And also as a husky . . . . .

My foxes and huskies:

--WereWoof 11:43, 14 September 2008 (UTC)