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Welnis is the Fursona of Taylor Wetton from Woodstock, Ontario Canada. The name was created from a slam to his keyboard but came out to be catchy in both the way it is spelt and the way people view it.

Species: Cheetah Height: 6'2" Weight: 215 Lbs

Welnis is seen from Taylor's perspective as having the personality he would like to have in himself. Through Welnis, Taylor is able to say what is on his mind and he more like what he wants to be, not what he assumes others want him to be. Although Welnis keeps the fun loving attitude his holder does, he also is more open about his feelings and how he wants to be in his own way.

Welnis comes out in many things Taylor does, whether it be going to the london furmeets with friends Runa & Lethias, or just around his house through his writing and graphics design. Although Welnis is young he lives the life of a 25-30 year old and finds himself gripping with bits of stress, angst, and self-hating, but even through all of this he tries to see the sliver lining in everything that he does, even if it doesn't always end in good.