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The female feline furry known as Waspe is a poet and minor philosopher currently residing in the world of Shangrila MUSH [1], where she has lived and worked in professions as various as scrap monger and life coach for the passed three years. Given to frequent and unplanned hiatus, or periods of willful seclusion, she has been irregularly present in the events of the world until her recent re-appearance in various Shangrila clubs and parks.

When questioned on her origins, Waspe generally refrains from specifics, going so far as to posit that her constituent details are dependent not upon the facts of her history so much as the subjective desires and assumptions of the beholder. As this vaguely evidences, Waspe is considered by some to be an apt philosopher, while by others she might be said to be avoiding the point. The point, as it infrequently comes up in conversation with her thanks to her almost automatic propensity for digression and turning the question, has up-to-date remain unclassified, leaving some to speculate that Waspe herself may not be aware of her origin story.

As of November 2009, Waspe is experimenting with a potential arts community in the city of Shangrila, where she is currently responsible for the re-modeling of an old friend and lover's villa on Shangrila's east-side. Thus occupied, Waspe has found little time for pursuing her own hedonistic projects in the way of the city's much-celebrated slave trade, taking somewhat more time on her long-running concept for the opening of a "Christian" laundromat in Shangrila.

Witnesses have claimed her to be in residence at The Plazzo apartments, or to be living with aforementioned acquaintance, himself a bouncer at a number of local establishments[2].