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Vulpin is the name of a fursona. Additionally, it is the most common furry name for the player of said fursona.

A Note On Pronouns[edit]

Vulpin is transgendered. Thus, in an attempt to balance things somewhat, female pronouns are used in this article.


As the online fursona, Vulpin reflects many aspects of the player. Some of these include transgender issues, an animistic world view, and on occasion human animal roleplay, where the hybrid species of "ponyfox" is derived from (as two different roles taken on different occasions). Most often, Vulpin the fursona is a young female ponyfox.


The player of Vulpin is a geek with interests in roleplaying games, computers, music (especially industrial music and movie scores), and science fiction/fantasy. As noted above, Vulpin has gender issues.

As a military brat, Vulpin doesn't "come from" any one place. This gives a certain world view that includes a degree of cultural understanding as well as combined cynicism and idealism.

One of the more confusing aspects of Vulpin for many is her introversion, as she is not shy most of the time. However, one should take care to understand that being social takes effort for Vulpin, and sometimes that energy just isn't there. It also has the side effect of making her skittish at times.


One important note about Vulpin is that she has depression. While it's often under control, sometimes it flares up. When she's suffering a flare up, it is best to merely be a stablizing influence. There is a seasonal component to this, with the worst phase being in the December through February time frame.

Heart Family[edit]

Vulpin-the-player has a heart family, including her mate (David), bigsis (Ardyn), momma bear (LadyBear), bunny, owner, sillypony (Felder), squirrel, and others. More names may be added later on an individual basis as permission is given.

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