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Vox Dragen(born July 17, 1991) is a witty, friendly and out going dragon. He discovered and joined the furry fandom early in 2005 as a simple tradational artest. today he spends endless expances of time talking to other people or just browsing the internet on his computer, which were also he can be found working on his pratice of choice, furry art.

Though most of his art is Anthropamorphic Erotica, Vox also shows a fair side to clean art (though very rarely this is done).

Vox has lived in the United States all his life, and has never left the south-eastern region. Presently he calls Atlanta, Georgia his home, and plans on traveling abroad after collage.


Vox is a dragon, primerally covered in charcole back scales. Along his lower jaw, chest, stomach, pelvis, inner hips, and under-tail however are crimson red scales. More signature to his apperance are the red faded areas on the base of his horns, the dashes of crimson that lie under his eyes, and the fins on each side of his head that act as ears. His eyes are a bright emrald greem and glow slightly in the dark.