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Illustrated Vosur from SecondLife
MH Vosur
SL User: Vosur Aeon
SecondLifeHand.png This user has a Second Life account. Their name is Vosur Aeon.

Age: 27 (as of this edit)

Gender: Male

Real-life Occupation: United States Air Force Military Aircraft Maintainer

SL/Furry Forums-Related Status: The Furry Forums Account Specialist, SecondLife User/Builder and Weapons Tester for Schism Industries group on SecondLife

Hobbies: Computer Maintenance (Certified Computer Specialist), Various Martial Arts and Sword styles mostly from the Oriental origins, Video games

Fursona Information: (Even though I cannot wear the full 'look', I do have the 'clothing'.) A two-tailed white wolf, wearing full-black. Uses a massive Buster-Class hybrid firearm-sword called a Gunblade, specific name for the model of gunblade is the Judgement, and a secondary Ninjato with sheath set given the name Spirit of Ebele. Both are depicted in the pictures to the right.

More will be added as needed.