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About Me[edit]

Name: Sasha Grace / Xsheswaiting / Vixxy (Formerly Bubba)

Born: 5 December 1991

Gender: Female

Present Location: wrapped up in my blanket on my bed

Occupation: Student

Species: Red fox (but with pink fur ^_^)

Mate: CytoFox

Hiya! The name's Sasha, in case you didn't see that up there xD ... I'm technically a Red Fox like my mate, but I have pink fur that fades into purple on my legs and tail and then black paws, ears, and tail tip. I'm extremely bouncy and crazy (hooray for ADHD!) and some people say I'm annoying, but there are a select few who put up with my craziness, mostly because they're as insane as I am if not more so. I'm a Senior in high school in a different town than I live in, because I'm part of the Agriscience program there (look it up).

What's with the name?[edit]

My mate and I are foxes, and females are called vixens, so CytoFox (Foxxy) needed a nickname for me other than Bubba. I got that name from my friends at the barn I ride (horses) at because it was the end of the week-long summer camp and everyone was signing this one girl's jeans. I like to be random and write bubbles everywhere and draw them, but one of my friends thought it said Bubba for some reason. Not sure how that happened, but it did, and it stuck for a few years, and when I talk to them I still answer to it, but they're the only ones that call me that.

So now everyone calls my mate Foxxy but no one calls me Vixxy =( oh well... It takes a while for a name to stick and I'm graduating in 7 months anyways so it doesn't matter.

Thanks for sticking around long enough to read my page, hopefully it wasn't too boring ^_^