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Victoria Thompson is a New Jersey Fur who is apart of many Fandom sites, such as FurAffinity, Furry4Life, Furries and Xtreme to name a few. Victoria is a mixed tiger, Sumatran and Siberian. She is featured in many of Jai's, her fursona's owner, pieces. She has many aliases; Vee, Vic, Toria, Tori, VicT, and simply as VT. She has a single called, "Furry In Me" where she depicts the furry fandom in a positive, uplifting way. She plays the guitar, piano, and also raps, even though she usually does not listen to it.

She is the host of DiffursityCast with her two Co-Hosts, Aride and Kintari. Even though she is the host, they all hold the same title out of respect. Their talk show usually lasts about 40 mins. Their show is about mainly the insanity and fun of the furry fandom, VT herself being a life styler. They give advice and discuss how fully enjoy being a lifer while living in a Regular's world.