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Who IS Arcturus? Verix's Story[edit]

Note: This story was a satirical response to the rumors and insults surrounding Arcturus from those who rallied against him for his actions in the split between Fur Affinity and ArtFu. It is not intended to be taken as literal fact.

You know in being Arcturus's butt-buddy I've come to learn a few things about him. Oh man he's going to hate me for dispelling this stuff but dude, you have no idea, and I believe the community deserves to know!

Now as you all know, Arcturus is a dragon. He was well utilized in World War I for being a scare-tactic against the French, but was later discharged from the war, as the general realized it's too easy to scare the French. Arcturus was then hired by the American army to literally take a bite out of Germany-- unfortunately, he missed and bit the Automan Empire instead. What people don't tell you is that Arcturus is the actual reason that the Automan Empire fell, not any other crap, like that stuff about Franz Ferdinand or whatever you think you know about history!

In World War II, Arcturus was hired by the German armies to once again scare the French. However, they decided to keep him on board to make him appear more like one of the "horriffic scientific experiments" that they had been doing. They dressed Arcturus up in half-metal to make him look like a prototype for the jagdpanzer projects, then sent him to France to scare the shit out of people in weird hats eating horrible cheese. But when Einstein managed to make a machine that created a time-rift and therein assassinated Hitler, Arcturus was once again removed from duty of being a scary son-of-a-bitch.

The very first time Arcturus ever exploited anyone for money was actually directly after World War II-- he exploited the whole event! Trying to create the very first computer game and equally very first historical game, Arcturus went to work on Command and Conquer: Red Alert. He found Einstein to play himself and other actors to play out other roles. This project soon tanked, however, as Westwood Studios saw this and raped the fuck out of him. Then they stole the code.

Arcturus is now the head of security for Eurofurence, but only in the sense that he refuses to move from the castle that he's in right now. He is hiding from his war-time activities and equally his ability to exploit massive wars from the masses. This is to protect his identity, as even now, neo-Nazis are seeking him out as the last resort of worship to the leader they lost to science in the last great war.

So now you know all the dirty secrets about Arcturus. I hope you enjoy!