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Ksaa Mwwrrwwrrow[edit]

Ksaa is a feral dragoness with rich forest green scales, and a straw colored underbelly, except for the discolored scar that runs across her chest. The scales have rich, resin-like, opalescent tones due to being made of nacre, similar to a seashell or pearl. Designed more for endurance and distance travel, her race sports large, long, and flared wings. They also possess long, prehensile tails, accounting for roughly half their total length. They also are very lean, and serpentine in build, with a deep, barreled chest, similar to a whippet. Other basic features include her golden-blond mane and her silver-colored claws and horns, which are 'back/down curved'. She is a runt, and roughly a third smaller than that of other R'Thakians, standing about as tall as a human does.

Her race, the R'Thakians, is named after their home planet of R'Thak. It's a hot, humid planet with no polar icecaps, and extremely little seasonal flux. It's major identifying marks are the large size of the planet and two massive continents on either side of the planet, both extensively covered in forest and jungle. They evolved from a previously humanoid-insect race quite a long time ago, and still possess some minor features from that time: the ability to at least stand on twos to work with their forepaws, which are semi-hand-like. Despite this they are still primarily four-legged. They lack some "classical" dragon traits, such as breath-weapons.


The human-side of the 'sona is a Cajun-Country gal born in the Rural Deep South. She is both Gender Dysphoric (i.e. transgender) and Species Dysphoric, which is why she identities as an otherkin, and possesses a number of supernumerary phantom limbs. The most active sensations are of her wings, tail, and snout. Because of this she a very spiritual person, and very attached to her draconic identity. Thought simply trying to get by in life, she is proud that she is a active member of several local LGBT support groups for people, and does some minor activism. Ksaa is demisexual and mated openly. Her mate lives at distance, due to being in college in another state. Otherwise, she lives with her surrogate family, a few extremely close friends, who are also furs; redefining what family meant to her, due to bad experiences with blood relations in the past.

To Ksaa, her dragon-self has been an identifying force which she defines herself in life, and has been with her since before she can really remember. She has been active in the fandom since the late 90's, which makes a little more than half her life, now.