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Vee Flames[edit]

Vee Flames (Philip Lee Gumbel) Is a messy haired Cheetah who is a bit of a gear head. A very Kind and loving Cheetah, he prides himself on his honesty and is always willing to help others in need if at all possible. Usualy when not working on or building cars he can be seen hanging out with his friends or playing videogames on his Xbox 360.

Quick History[edit]

Vee Flames grew up in the desert town of Lancaster about 20 minutes south of the Mojave desert and was active in motorsports from a young age. Being a very kind, Honest and gullable person, throughout most of his life, seemed to get him picked on frequently throughout his schooling. That was untell his father who was an Ex-Marine decided to teach him how to fight. He was always a furry, yet didnt know about the fandom till he watched an episode of National Geographic featuring furrys. Later he found out that about half his friends were furs but had either been to shy to talk about it or just assumed he knew by the way they acted. He recieved his fondness of machinery from his Father who unfortunatly Passed away shortly after his 18th birthday. His mother was kind and loving and was always there for him through out his life.(Although now He rarely sees her, after an argument over his fathers passing caused him to move out). Vee moved out at age 19 and lived on the streets for a while making what cash he could from street racing. Till one day when his race car was broadsided by a drunk driver in a Ford Explorer who ran from the accident(see link below). After the accident one of his friends let him move in with him allowing him to get a respectable job and buy a new car. Unfortunatly as gas prices sky rocketed and the economy went in to a depression he was laid off from his work and falsely arrested. Once he served his time in jail his Grandmother let him move in with her where he currently resides.


Vee was never really good with pen and paper but hand him a wrench and it's a totaly different story. Although he is a very good drawer he has a hard time focusing and takes way to long to complete a picture. He does enjoy writing in his spare time and has written a few stories. He also enjoys animating GIF images and has made a few small gif images. Most of his artwork is up on his FA page.


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